When I left Minneapolis all the leaves were yellow and red, and beginning to wash out into brown November. The tops of clouds, I saw a pink sunset in Houston, and the coming darkness and cavernous airport induced a moderate panic attack. But, after all, I expect to be scared and uncomfortable; it’s how to measure growth. And to leave your dear family and happy dogs for some name on a map! The plane took off south into darkness, and through a lightening storm in the Gulf of Mexico. When it flashed I kept expecting to see a horizon but all I saw sky sky sky below.


The boon of an adjacent open seat on a red-eye: things are looking up. A place to curl up, stretch ¾ of the way out. I slept there, feeling safe, and ate the food they brought to me. 35,000 feet airborne but I felt secure, wanted the night to last. But there was my first Argentine sunrise over an arid flatscape, with winding rivers shining, displaying their contortions.


This afternoon I took a city tour from a guy named Fabian who had three gold hoops in his right ear. He drove a Renault that kept dying as we waited for lights. Saw the Boca Barrio, Plaza de Mayo, Mueseo Flotatado, el Centro. Everything sensational!  9 de Julio is 20 lanes wide. This place is different from any other city I’ve visited, less serious, less orderly. The last time it snowed here was 1928. The columns in the Cathedral are made of gold. Dogs don’t wear collars or leashes.



~ by maiapatagonia on October 24, 2009.

One Response to “BA CITY”

  1. Beautiful! I am glad you made it safe.

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